I'm Writing a Retelling of Mulan for DISNEY!

After months of sitting on this, I'm so excited to finally announce I have a book coming out with DISNEY PRESS! (Cue squeals and exclamation points!)

For those of you who don't know, I grew up breathing and singing Disney. Disney's the reason I started composing, and the reason I started writing fiction. My little sister and I probably know most of the Disney songs by heart...and we used to have karaoke sessions at home on the piano after doing our homework...

So yeah. I'm thrilled. Plus, Mulan is one of my top three Disney heroines. She really grows as a character during the movie, and I think her struggles to prove herself to her family and to herself resonate with a lot of people. Plus, doesn't this gif speak out to all of us (writers, the sweat and tears of getting published)?

Mulan struggling up the pole

Here's the Publishers Marketplace deal announcement:

Publishers marketplace announcement

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