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If you're a writer, why do you find it hard to blog?

People have been telling me for years to start a blog.

"You should write a food blog!" my best friends suggested. Right after college I was (and still am) very passionate about food. In fact, I used to take photos of everything I ate (that, I don't do that anymore). So I started a food blog and got about twenty posts before it got a little too tiring.

"Why'd you stop?" my best friends asked.

"Too much time blogging, too little time eating," was my reply.


And this was how I felt about keeping a writing blog. "Too much time blogging, too little time writing."

Well, I decided to give this "writing about writing" thing a shot. Who knows if I'll be good at it, but I'm finally done with grad school so the whole "I don't have time to blog" excuse doesn't really cut it anymore. Besides, it'll be good to finally connect with my writer friends here and get my thoughts out!

And the thing is, I've religiously written in a journal everyday since I was five. That's like...over 7,000 journal entries. Writing in a blog once a week or so shouldn't be that tough. But there is some pressure to make it interesting.

Fiction's all about making readers turn the page, so hopefully I'll get to work on that as I blog, too!

'Til next time.

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