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Last call for Preorder Swag!

The next batch of these preorder goodies will be going out this week. Don’t forget to claim yours by uploading your receipt to ❤️

We're only a few days from launch, so I wanted to share a few things about SIX CRIMSON CRANES before we had into release week! Shiori’s story is particularly meaningful to me because it’s about a girl who grows up, who makes mistakes and is far from perfect, and learns from the consequences. I’ve learned so much while embarking on my journey with Shiori — as both a human being and as a writer. I hope you, my readers, love her story. It’ll be out very soon…!!!

Launch week events:

Tuesday, July 6 at 6pm EDT -- Books of Wonder release day party!

In conversation with Brigid Kemmerer.

Wednesday, July 7 at 9pm EDT -- Mysterious Galaxy launch

In conversation with Namina Forna. Registration required.

Thursday, July 8 at 7pm EDT -- Blue Willow Bookshop

In conversation with Sabaa Tahir. Registration required.

FAQs about SCC:

🌟Do I need to have read Spin the Dawn before reading Six Crimson Cranes?

—No! It’s an entirely separate and new story even though it’s set in the same world. If you have read Spin, however, you’ll enjoy some pleasant Easter eggs 😉

🌟Is the content in SCC appropriate for middle school readers?

—Yes! There’s some violence and poisoning, but that aside, the content is appropriate for advanced middle grade readers.


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