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First draft done!

On this wintry Thursday, I finished the first draft of my new work-in-progress. It's always a feat for me to get past the first draft hurdle because I love revising a lot more than I like writing. And now that I've been writing for a few years, I've gotten pickier about whether a story is worth keeping. For instance, to get to my current WIP I experimented with at least three different story ideas. Fleshed them out to around a hundred pages each.

Some might think those months of plotting out a story only to dump it is wasted time, but for me it's all in the process. I do outline, but It's hard to feel out what works and what doesn't from a bunch of bullet points -- at least for me.

And now I have a good chunk of words (60k worth) to chisel into a story. So the effort was worth it. As my agent likes to say, "Onward!"


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